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《琅琊榜》Nirvana in Fire : Chapter 05《途中惊变》

Continuing on from the last chapter, we find ourselves following Mei Changsu, Xiao Jingrui, Xie Bi, and Yan Yujin as they journey back towards the imperial capital, Jinling. 

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Drama:《武则天》The Empress of China

The Empress of China has been confirmed to  broadcast in early 2015 after the New Year on Hunan TV. Fan Bingbing stars as Wu Zetian- the only woman to rule as emperor in Chinese history. This drama is rumoured to be … Continue reading

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《琅琊榜》Nirvana in Fire : Chapter 04《路逢旧交》

Hey everyone~~ I’m really sorry for not updating this sooner (TAT) Oh, and good news! Anyone who has weibo and follows the official account of Nirvana in Fire would have known that as of a few days ago, all the dubbing … Continue reading

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《琅琊榜:人物介绍》Nirvana in Fire : Character Introduction

Here are the character introductions for Nirvana in Fire 🙂 I’m hoping that after you read this the plot will be easier to follow. Please note that the introductions do contain spoilers!!! So if you would like to read spoiler-free … Continue reading

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慕容湮儿《白发皇妃》The White-Haired Imperial Concubine : The Most Selfless Love

Recently I finished marathoning through the audiobook for “The White-Haired Imperial Concubine” and I have to say it was a tearjerker. The epilogue for Rong Qi was just too tragic. Here is the translated synopsis:

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《琅琊榜》Nirvana in Fire : Chapter 03《损友》

Whoo! This one took a long time to translate. Hehe who’s been watching 风中奇缘/Sound of the Desert?For video links head over to Sutekii’s blog. Every time I see Hu Ge, I picture him as Mei Changsu haha. 

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《琅琊榜》Nirvana in Fire : Chapter 02《江左梅郎》

And things are starting to get more and more confusing now 😉 Our protagonist finally appears sort of. And I’m back with the second chapter of Nirvana in Fire by Hai Yan. Hope you enjoy reading and please give me some feedback … Continue reading

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《琅琊榜》Nirvana in Fire : Chapter 01《两姓之子》

Hi everyone! This is jjunjun here and I have decided to translate the novel 琅琊榜 (Nirvana in Fire) by 海宴 (Hai Yan). The novel has been adapted into a drama starring Hu Ge, Liu Tao, and Chen Long which will be … Continue reading

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The World of C-Novels

C-Novels: potential life ruiners that will suck you in like a whirlpool and leave you earning for more.

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