The World of C-Novels

古风C-Novels: potential life ruiners that will suck you in like a whirlpool and leave you earning for more.

I love listening to audiobooks and I’ve listened to tons of them. However, I’d never listened to any audiobooks in my native language – Mandarin. One day, after watching 步步惊(Startling by Each Step)and finding out it was originally a novel, I was struck with a sudden thought, “what do audiobooks in Mandarin sound like?” With that thought I searched for 有声小说 (audiobooks) and listened to my very first C-Novel.

That opened up a whole new world for me. The bgm, the sound effects, the different readers for male and female parts…I was struck. Never before had I experienced anything like it. It was like a drama minus the actual movie!

I was in love.

Gradually, I began to explore more and more novels and I thought, “wow,” Chinese novels are so different from English ones.

I grew up watching chinese dramas, 三国演义, 西游记, 神探狄仁杰, so I’ve always loved the plots and the style of Chinese literature. However for some reason it just never crossed my mind to read chinese novels. Haha. Unfortunately although I am a fluent speaker of Mandarin, I can barely read anything – though I’ve improved greatly over the years. At times like this I wonder why I never bothered learning how to read. *sighs*

At least I am able to understand Mandarin, and am able to enjoy C-Novels in their original language. I hope to one day be able to translate C-Novels so that more english speakers can enjoy them.

Here are some links to sites for new readers:

1) 书声bar

This is an amazing, amazing, amazing directory of C-Novels. They also have links to english translation of novels.

2) Fanatical: Fangirling Chinese Novels

My first introduction to the online community of C-Novels. Haha I especially love their list of the most popular C-Novels from Baidu.

3) One Second Spring

A wonderful site to find reviews, and translations.

4) Suteki Da Ne 素敵だね

Currently reading her translation/summary of 服黑王爷的绝世弃妃 (Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort)



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14 Responses to The World of C-Novels

  1. peanuts says:

    Welcome to the world of C-novels and it is nice to know someone who shares the same interest 🙂 I also like to listen to audio books as well as radio drama but I didn’t listen to the BBJX one. If you visit my blog often, you’ll know my fav is Who Gets the World 😛 If you are interested, you can be a guest translator at hui3r and see how it goes.


    • jjunjun says:

      Thanks so much 😀 haha I’ve been looking through your blog and thanks to your recommendation I’m currently listening to Who Gets the World. Man, Bai Feng Xi is amazing^^ Of course I would love to translate novels into english, but, unfortunately my chinese skills in reading are about a third grader’s? Once again thanks for the welcome and I hope we discuss books together 🙂 (it’s so hard finding people with similar interests TT)


      • peanuts says:

        Which part are you at in WGTW? I feel it is the best audio book. If you’ve any qn you can ask me although I m no expert, lol. Also, if you need any recommendation on audio book or radio drama, I am here, haha….Btw which one have you heard b4? I don’t really listen to audio books with only 1 voice bcos I m picky 😛

        Third grade is good bcos I think I maybe only first grade 😦 Nowadays with google translate, you don’t need to be able to read Chinese to translate. FYI, lidge & I are Chinese illiterate & we’ve nearly finished translating 2 Chinese novels into English. Feel free to compare our translations with the audio books that we didn’t compromise on the quality 😛 You can try translating a chapter as a guest in fanatical but no pressure on you.


        • jjunjun says:

          I’m currently at the part where they meet the princess of Hua. Hehe, I like to listen to multiple books at the same time, so I haven’t really finished listening to too many novels. Currently I’m really into 大唐女法医, the plot is super interesting and the male lead’s voice is so attractive 😉

          Wow, you and lidge are really fantastic! I would love to try translating, it’s just that I’m worried I won’t be able to grasp the feel of the novels bcos I don’t have a good enough understanding of the chinese language. Even in WGTW I’m pretty lost sometimes haha.


      • peanuts says:

        Hui3r was listening to The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Investigator but I’ve not started bcos it is so long & I am so slack lol. Which male lead’s voice is so attractive? I can recognise all of their voices:P You better listen to a book at a time or else you may mix them up, haha….Actually I wasn’t into WGTW until after chapter 50, then I became obsessed lol.

        Don’t worry, with a good dictionary and a strong dedication, you’ll do fine with your translation. WGTW is really a difficult book to read. If not of the well-made audio book, I would have fallen asleep 😛 That is why no matter how much I like it, I also don’t dare to translate it as I know I won’t be able to do it justice. I better stick to modern novels which are easier to translate. Initially I wanted to suggest to you to start with modern novel but since you’ve your heart set on Hu Ge, so go for him, lol.


        • jjunjun says:

          It’s Xiao Song, the guy wearing the purple. It is pretty long but because of all the different cases it’s not draggy and pretty easy to follow.

          Hehe, I actually almost never read modern novels bcos I don’t know much about life in modern china so I can’t really follow/understand that much.


  2. sutekii says:

    Welcome abroad jjunjun! It’s nice to see more and more blogs popping up relating to c-novels, hopefully we’ll have a chance to read your future translation or book reviews ❤


  3. Hi! Thanks for the follow! I’m fascinated by your intro to C Audiobooks – I haven’t really looked into audiobooks, would it be possible for you to share a site or two of where you listen?


  4. decembi says:

    Hello jjunjun,

    Thanks for recommending my blog! 🙂 I came here from SSB’s Nirvana Fire page!

    I’m very excited that you are translating Nirvana Fire. I must commend you on your translations for the first two chapters. Translating is very hard, especially when there are so many characters. Jia you Jia you! ❤


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