《琅琊榜:人物介绍》Nirvana in Fire : Character Introduction

Nirvana in Fire

Here are the character introductions for Nirvana in Fire 🙂 I’m hoping that after you read this the plot will be easier to follow. Please note that the introductions do contain spoilers!!! So if you would like to read spoiler-free then refrain from reading this 😉 

Here are some things to note:

  • Fei Liu calls Mei Changsu,  Su gege (苏哥哥) which means older brother Su. Hehe so cute, considering he is a former assassin 😀
  • there is a 9 rank (品) system in imperial China that ranks the prestige and importance of Chinese officials. Rank one is the highest, rank nine is the lowest.
  • the noble titles for the princes are mostly kept in the original Chinese as Wang (王). So Jing Wang = Prince of Jing

For more information on the Chinese imperial ranking system click here: Government Offices and Ranks in China


梅长苏 - Mei Changsu

Top of the Lang Ya Bang, Jiang Zuo’s Mei Lang, leader of the Jiang Zuo Alliance.

Although ill and thin, he still maintains an elegant temperament, exquisite grace, adept in music, he ranks as the top gongzi. When the northern leader Shu Zhongtian first saw him, he exclaimed, “遥映人间冰雪样,暗香幽浮曲临江。遍识天下英雄路,俯首江左有梅郎.” He thought very highly of Mei Changsu.

He was the young marshal of the Chi Yan army, Lin Shu. He was the only son of Jinyang princess and Chi Yan’s marshal Lin Xie’s only son, clever, read tens of thousands of books, at thirteen years of age he appeared on the battlefield, a rare military genius, an undefeated young general. At seventeen, the Chi Yan army was framed and annihilated, Lin Shu escaped under the protection of a loyal subordinate, but since then he became without the slightest of power. From that day on. he became sickly, and adopted the name Mei Changsu. He became the leader of the Jiang Zuo Alliance and under his leadership, it quickly rose to become the greatest union in the jianghu.

Twelve years after the Chi Yan injustice, Mei Changsu returned in white robes as Su Zhe to the imperial capital, Jinling, and became the Jing Wang’s advisor. He was already completely different from the past Lin Shu, his half smile, faint voice, no one could see through his thoughts, he manipulates the people around him, exposing their ugly hearts. His face is white as a sheet, there is no sign that he is still breathing, his ice-cold fingers feel like he brought with him the chill of hell. Under his schemes, the situation in the capital drastically changed, the originally promising heirs to the throne, the Crown Prince and the Yu Wang became irrelevant, and the once forgotten Jing Wang assumed the crown.

After the Chi Yan case was vindicated, Mei Changsu bade farewell to the capital and left in a suit of armour, ultimately he is not suited to scheming and conspiracy. Choosing instead, Lin Shu’s way to the end; when he had arrived it was with a robe of white, when he left, he was looking at the smoke, and racing away on a stallion into the battlefield. Two years of clouds and rain brought with them a country. The only unchanging thing was a son of Chi Yan’s heart, forever beating.


靖王 - Jing Wang

Prince Xiao Jingyan, Lin Shu’s best friend. For twelve years he had been convinced that his older brother and Lin Shu had been framed. He left to the army, not wanting to face the schemes and plotting that killed his friends. He embarked on the road to the throne under Mei Changsu’s guidance, determined to bring justice to his brother and best friend. Whenever he looked up at the sky, believing that they were watching him, he never knew that his best friend was always by his side, using his frail body to protect his every step.


誉王 - Yu Wang

Prince of Yu, Xiao Jinghuan, was the crown prince’s greatest competitor. His mother died early and he was raised as the empress’s son. He gained his father’s favor, and received treatment equal to that of the crown prince. He was bent on receiving the support of the Qilin Genius, Mei Changsu. In the end he attempted to force the emperor to abdicate, but he knew realized that everything was in the control of Mei Changsu, that everything was only scheme designed by him.


萧景睿 - Xiao Jingrui

Lang Ya Bang’s second ranked gongzi. Adept with both the pen and the sword. Son of the Xie’s and the Zhuo’s, he is honest and kind-hearted man, he treats Mei Changsu as his best friend. Yet behind his layers of identities, there is only dripping blood, still he uses his heart to treat everyone around him.


蒙挚 - Meng Zhi

Thirty seven years old, commander of the imperial guards, the number one expert in Da Liang and the second on the Lang Ya Bang. He controls fifty thousand imperial guards. He was under the command of Lin Xie (Mei Changsu’s father) and treats Mei Changsu as his brother. Meng Zhi was the first to know of Mei Changsu’s return, he quietly did everything in his power to help him, and was Mei Changsu’s blade in the capital, but was more his right-hand.


太子 - Crown Prince

Xiao Jingxuan, crown prince of the eastern palace. To keep his spot as the heir, he can do anything regardless of the cost. To him, Yu Wang is a thorn in the side. He won over rank one army marquis, Xie Yu. He once spent an enormous sum of gold at the Lang Ya Hall asking about gifted scholars who could bring prosperity and eternal rule. He failed to rope in Mei Changsu and in the end, under Mei Changsu’s careful manipulations, he was disposed of as crown prince.


霓凰郡主 - Princess Nihuang

Commander of one hundred thousand southern border solders, Princess Nihuang was Chi Yan’s young marshal Lin Shu’s fiancé. When her father died she stepped in for her younger brother as the commander of all of the Yunnan Wang’s forces. She swore that until her brother could step up as the new Yunnan Wang, she would put her life into defending the country. In the end she chose to spend a lifetime with the former general of the Chi Yan army, Nie Duo.


飞流 - Fei Liu

Mei Changsu’s personal bodyguard, an unwell mental state, but extraordinarily talented in martial arts, with few rivals in the world, listens only to Mei Changsu’s command. Fei Liu follows and protects Mei Changsu no matter where he goes, and is doted on as a younger brother by him. When he was in trouble, Mei Changsu saved him, so out of gratitude he chose to follow him. His eyes are cold as steel, and is very hard to approach, only when looking at Mei Changsu do his eyes melt, as if in this world the only person he cares about is him, the country and world in his eyes are not even worth one bit of Su gege’s affection. Mei Changsu’s heart holds the entire world, yet in Fei Liu’s heart there is only Mei Changsu. From the beginning till the end, he accompanied Mei Changsu with a pure heart, step by step walking down the path to redress the wrongs suffered.

If anyone can help me translate this: 遥映人间冰雪样,暗香幽浮曲临江。遍识天下英雄路,俯首江左有梅郎, then you are a life saver 😉 Poetry kills (TAT)

And for everyone’s enjoyment here’s a  few stills of 胡歌 (Hu Ge) as 梅长苏 (Mei Chang Su)


Mei Changsu


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15 Responses to 《琅琊榜:人物介绍》Nirvana in Fire : Character Introduction

  1. saire says:

    Can’t wait for the show to begin! Thanks for the character into – makes things a lot easier to piece together. And your translations are always a great pick-me-up and definitely something to look forward to.


  2. seera says:

    Thank you so much for the character introductions for Nirvana in Fire!!

    Brightening the World like snow,
    as a delicate fragrance around the river.
    Even if there are a lot of heroes in the World,
    Jiang Zuo’s Mei Lang is the first.

    I’m poor at English,
    but I tried translating it.
    I think its meaning would be similar…

    After reading your translating the novel,
    I translated the chapter 1 of Nirvana in Fire in Korean, too.
    It takes lots of times! Hard working!



    • jjunjun says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m just not sure if I should literally translate it, or translate the meaning 🙂
      Congratulations! haha it is pretty hard work translating xD
      加油! 화이팅!


  3. sutekii says:

    Thanks for the characters chart, great explaination it really helped a lot. ^^


  4. hipployta says:

    Starts airing next week!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you


  6. RatheaNy Ke says:

    Can you tell me, who is the love interest of Mei Changsu?


  7. Thani Dok says:

    I’m currently watching NIF right now and loving it! I kind of skim through the character introductions and it helped me understand everyone a bit. I wonder if they will release NIF on DVD and do you have chapter 1 translated?


  8. SC says:

    Thank you for the translation for the novel. Please do continue as the details are great. Your translation is very good.

    Drama is great too, one of the best series i have watched in my life! Great acting, excellent pacing, exciting storyline. All of which made this the best series.


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  10. Ngan says:

    Very nice introduction of characters!


  11. Stella says:

    Don’t know if you still want this =)

    Gently alighting, first snow of winter.
    Refreshing fragrance, stream of spring.
    The world lacks not, scholars and fighters.
    Yet best of both, Mei Lang of Jiang Juo


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