[Updated] Drama :《神雕侠侣》The Romance of the Condor Heroes + Trailer and Episodes

Name: 《神雕侠侣》The Romance of the Condor Heroes

Genre:  Romance, Wuxia

Broadcast Time: December 3, 2014 -Wed/Thurs. 10 pm CST. Hunan TV

Episode Count: 52

Official Weibo: 电视剧神雕侠侣


Yang Kang’s (Chen Xiao) son, Yang Guo (Chen Xiao), has roamed the jianghu since childhood. After being taken in by an acquaintance, Guo Jing (Zheng Guo Lin) he was yet again taken to the Quan Zhen Sect, Mo Lian. The rebellious Yang Guo couldn’t bear the sect and ran away, accidentally entering Gu Mu Pai, and was taken in by Xiao Long Nü (Chen Yan Xi) and taught martial arts. Due to Li Mo Chou (Zhang Xin Yu) breaking into the Gu Mu tomb, in the face of life and death, their relationship progressed from that of one between a teacher and student, to that of lovers. After a series of incidents involving the Mongolian calvary, and after 16 years of separation, Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nü finally reunited. With the death of the Mongol emperor Meng Ge, Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nü bade farewell to Guo Jing and their companions and left to live their life together.

Hunan TV Version

Episode: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Uncut Version

Episode: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Eng Subbed Version

The Speedy Condors Team over at Viki is subbing it in English and Thai. So you can head over there to watch it.

You can also find it on Youtube: 1/2/3/4/5/6






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