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Drama:《花千骨》 The Journey of Flower

It seems that the drama gods are looking favourably upon us. Chinese drama “The Journey of Flower” has been confirmed for broadcast on June 9th on Hunan TV! My, my, I believe my poor heart really cannot take anymore excitement. … Continue reading

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Drama:《琅琊榜》Nirvana in Fire

Good news for all of us waiting for the Chinese drama Nirvana in Fire!! The official weibo for the drama has announced that the drama will start broadcasting on September 18, 2015 on Beijing TV and Shanghai Dragon TV! Finally … Continue reading

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《琅琊榜》Nirvana in Fire : Chapter 07.5 《殊途》

Hello to all my readers! I am quite sorry to have disappeared from the scene for such a long time. But I’m back now. 🙂 Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a fully translated chapter out yet, but, I … Continue reading

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