《琅琊榜》Nirvana in Fire : Chapter 07.5 《殊途》

Fei Liu (o^_^o)

Fei Liu (o^_^o)

Hello to all my readers! I am quite sorry to have disappeared from the scene for such a long time. But I’m back now. 🙂 Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a fully translated chapter out yet, but, I have here around half of chapter 7 and I’ll update this post with the fully completed chapter soon. In this chapter Fei Liu finally makes his appearance! Yay^^ I do adore his interactions with Mei Changsu 😀 Until next time~~jjunjun

“Fei Liu, come and meet the three gongzi, we will be staying with them for a while in the future,” the Jiang Zuo Alliance’s Zongzhu lightly called.


Looking around for the second time, the three of them suddenly felt a sudden drop in temperature in the air around them. In the corner of a hall that was obviously empty just a moment before, stood a boy dressed in light blue robes, as if he had just silently walked through to wall to stand before them without the slightest trace of action. What Mei Changsu had said about a bodyguard protecting him after crossing the river was the truth. This person not only had astonishing skills, but also possessed a strikingly handsome face, unfortunately he gave off an aura of coldness, of solitary arrogance, creating an impenetrable shield that none dared to approach. Only when looking at Mei Changsu did that pair of frozen eyes slightly melt, as if he was the only person he cared about in this world.

The naturally passionate Yan Yujin feared this type of person the most. He shuddered and hid to the side.

“Fei Liu, come here,” Mei Changsu’s words just left his mouth and the next second, Fei Liu was already standing at his side, placing his hand in the Mei Changsu’s outstretched palm, “Fei Liu, look closely at these three people, they are my friends, sometimes they will play jokes and make fun of me, but they will not hurt me. When you see them touching me, don’t fight them. If I need you to protect me, I will call for you. Do you understand?”

Hearing Mei Changsu talk like that, the three men thought it was funny at first, yet when they saw Fei Liu’s serious nod, they felt a chill in their hearts.

This young martial arts genius who could come and go without a trace, seemed to have an damaged mind.

“Our Fei Liu is still a child,” Mei Changsu held his hand and lightly patted it, Fei Liu’s eyes immediately softened with warmth and and crouched down, placing his head against Mei Changsu’s knees, “Look, he likes to act cute. Sometimes he isn’t able to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not, when he is present just don’t pretend to hit me.”

In reality, with his Jiang Zuo Alliance Zongzhu’s identity, coupled with his irresistible charisma, the three nobles hadn’t even thought of joking with him like that, however hearing him say that, the three of them still couldn’t resist stepping away from him.

“There is no need to be so nervous, our Fei Liu is very good-natured,” Mei Changsu couldn’t help but laugh at their nervous expressions, “He is the most liked person in the Alliance back in Lang Zhou.”

This ice cube? Most liked? A sceptical expression simultaneously appeared on their faces. Lies, they wouldn’t believe it even if they were to be beaten to death.



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  1. Soubik says:

    Welcome back! ^_^


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    Thanks for continuing to translate this!


  3. saire says:

    Yes, indeed! Such a happy surprise. Was sad to see no new posts so I gasped upon seeing the pic of Fei Liu. He seems like a character, looking forward to getting to know him.


  4. Yellow says:

    glad to have you back!
    thanks for the hard work in translating this~


  5. Cocoa says:

    I love it. Hope you’ll put out the other half soon.


  6. Sai says:

    Oh my Im so happy your back! Thank you for the translations!


  7. yufen says:

    thanks you for translate this novel, cant wait for the drama air next month… fei lu so adorable but just for his master only …. cant wait for next chapter ca you


  8. sai says:

    HI~~ I was bored so i translated the rest of chapter 7~ i hope you don’t mind. Figured i might as well share it here. You can edit it if you want, i know it’s not very good in some places.

    At that moment, they heard hurried footsteps from outside the hall. Out of breath, Fei Xin rushed up to them. He bowed to Yan YuJin while speaking, “Gongzi, the carriage and horses are arranged. I have personally selected 100 elite soldiers, gongzi please be at ease; they will certainly be able to protect your three friends to Jingling safely.”

    “Oh,” Yan Yu Jin casually said, “Change of plans; I’m going with them too.”

    “Ah,” Fei Xin was startled, “To protect a noble’s son, 100 soldiers is definitely not imposing enough, let this lowly official…”

    “No need, too many people is a waste, when we arrive at the capital’s magistrate, need to feed and put up so many people for what reason? You can take care of other important business. I’m hungry.”

    Fei Xin was frightened, rushed to bow, “this official deserves death, the feast is already ready in the back garden, gongzi please enter with your friends.”

    Because only Yan Yu Jin had revealed his true identity, naturally he walked in front. Once at the rear garden, the feast had many delicacies, against expectations, was prepared extremely extravagant. Too bad, these people had seen all sorts of delicacies from around the country, had not a word of praise; Only Mei Chang Su gently complimented Fei Xin a little, only then could he relax.

    That evening, Fei Xin naturally made all efforts to make them stay overnight. Yan Yu Jin agreed to move out of the rooms they had rented, and stay at Fei Xin’s home. The house was a single door small courtyard, inside was arranged with several decorative items, and looked very refined. The four each picked out a room, FL of course stayed with Mei Chang Su. Yan Yu Jin specially instructed the servants to move another bed inside. Tired from the long journey, everyone went to their rooms to rest.

    Just changed clothes, unexpectedly, Fei Xin came again, calling from the middle of the courtyard. Seeing Yan Yu Jin appear in the doorway in his nightclothes, he was startled, “Why is gongzi going to sleep now?”

    “What am I going to do if not sleep?”

    “Jingling’s gongzi, how can they sleep so early? This lowly official wanted to ask if gongzi wanted to listen to music or watch a dance tonight. Our FuZhou’s top ladies are well accomplished in the four arts [music, go, calligraphy, painting]”

    “Can they match up to Qin Huai He’s Wan Bo ladies?” Yan Yu Jin had to ask

    “Wan Bo’s ladies are on Lang Ya Hall’s rankings, obviously cannot match up…”

    “Then let me ask other people for you,” Yan Yu Jin stretch out his neck and shouted, “JR, JR’s younger brother, do you two need people’s company tonight?”

    Xiao Jing Rui opened his window, scolded, “Lacking so much manners, letting Su xiong see such a joke.”

    Yan Yu Jin turned to look, don’t know when, Mei Chang Su was standing in his doorway, wearing all white, without his belt, his long black hair spread over his shoulders, made look even more ill and frail.

    “Su xiong, it’s windy outside quickly go inside. Yan Yu Jin is only making trouble, there’s nothing good to see.” Xiao Jing Rui shouted

    Mei Chang Su smiled but did not say anything, turned around and went back into his room, closed his window, blew off his light, and there was no more sound.

    “Looks like both don’t have any interest,” Yan Yu Jin sighed; towards Fei Xin he said, “Next time we stop by Fuzhou, we’ll call on FuZhou’s ladies, we’re going to sleep now, Official Fei should rest earlier too, and keep your wife company, don’t bother with us anymore.”

    Fei Xin failed at this bootlicking, could only grit his teeth in anger, could not think of any other things to hold these quests interest, after a moment, smiled, said a few courteous words and left.

    The next say, early in the morning, Mei Chang Su and Xiao Jing Rui arrived at the East Gate to see Yan Yu Jin off. 100 soldiers organized into small groups, dressed in armor, could be seen that they were selected carefully.

    Because going to Jingling on duty, it was possible to see the world/society and if able to protect this important person, in the future, the rewards would not be small, therefore every person was spirited and lively. The soldiers leaders was a robust and fierce military official surnamed Huo, suddenly came over to pay his respects, his voice was loud and clear, words straightforward, eager to gain Yan Yu Jin’s favor.

    Mei Chang Su’s 4 guards he mentioned before was also able to rush over in time; they looked extremely ordinary, after changing into military uniform\, did not look out of place.

    Xiao Jing Rui because he was worried about his friends’ safety, secretly went to test their skill, after a while secretly came out and was laughed at by Yan Yu Jin.

    In the crowd of people seeing them off, certainly was not missing that Fuzhou magistrate Fei Xin. He paid careful attention to his guests, early in the morning, prepared some special local gifts, ‘Ask gongzi to please bring back for your father, kindly accept.”

    Yan Yu Jin opened it, looked around, shook his head and smiled, Fei Xin could not force him to accept, took out a jar of wine, said, “this area’s specialty rice wine, ask gongzi to please accept for your mother’s grave to show my admiration.” This Yan Yu Jin was very quick to accept.
    Because this was only a temporary parting, the people sending them off was not too sad; when all the things had arrived, everyone waved and left. Xiao Jing Rui stood at the gate until all the dust had settled, then headed back in to the city with Mei Chang Su.

    Fei Liu does not know if he is playing or doing something else, kept appearing and disappearing, clearly could not see his figure anywhere, but when Mei Chang Su bought a candy figurine and called for him, blink of an eye, he was next to them, but when he finished eating that candy figurine, not long after, Xiao Jing Rui could not see him again.

    “Fei Liu’s martial arts is really strange; I observed for so long, unexpectedly can’t see through it.”

    Mei Chang Su smiled and said, “ You may have studied every sects martial arts, but can’t make out Fei Liu’s, is not strange. Let’s not speak of you, even your esteemed father’s ranked 4th expert may not be able to see through Fei Liu’s martial arts.”

    Xiao Jing Rui was stunned, then suspicious, but thinking about it, was struck by a thought, “could it be that he was not born in Zhong Yuan? [China’s area at that time period]”

    Mei Chang Su expressed his praise and nodded, said, “ JinRui is sure enough intelligent. Fei Liu is form QinZhou. When young he was captured by pirates and studied DongYing’s Mi Ren technique.”

    “Mi Ren?”

    “Yes, Fei Liu’s martial arts is from a previous extremely mysterious DongYing organization. This organization’s chief specialized in kidnapping and purchasing exceptionally talented children, isolating them from the world, control them using sorcery and drugs to force them to practice martial arts. When these children grow up, they can’t separate good or bad, have no common sense, but martial arts is very bizarre and fierce, used by the chief to carry out assassinations or stealing secrets, and such.

    Ironically, this organization did so many evil deeds but had no punishment, during an assassination, accidently killed DongYing’s crown prince which lead to their downfall. Actually DongYing Country’s King already knew about this organization’s existence, but just did not care, did not expect his only son would lose his life to this organization, certainly was regretful and angry. Those pitiful children had no idea how to live independently, after the chief was killed even if they managed to escape their enemies, were incapable of surviving, ultimately nearly all died.

    Fei Liu was the youngest of those children, had recently finished his training but had never been sent out before, thus did not have any enemies, wandered homeless, cold and hungry. When he was about to die, at that time I arrived at DongYing to look for medicinal herbs and some other things, came across him, and took him back with me.” Speaking of this, Mei Chang Su was laden with grief, clearly those memories of that time was still a pain in his heart.

    Xiao Jing Rui was born of noble status, even though he had spent a few days in Jianghu , this kind of sinister and cruel matter caused him to be dumbfounded, after a long time, thought to ask,” Then…his body’s sorcery and drugs…?”

    “The drugs have already been cleared, but his mind’s injury already cannot be completely healed. Fortunately those men who cast the spells are already dead, these past few years I thought of many ways to rectify a little bit, in addition…” speaking up to here, Mei Chang Su recalled something, his sorrow disappeared, letting out a smile. “ Our Jiang Zhuo Meng has a person unafraid of death, when he has free time, he likes to tease Fei Liu, teasing for a bit, the result was very good, currently Fei Liu is already very easy going.”

    Easygoing? Xiao Jing Rui thought for a long time, yet was unable to put that together with this ice cold youngster; clearly this was the same as, towards the child you raise yourself, your opinion is entirely different from everyone else. Unexpectedly even Jiang Zhuo Meng’s leader is no exception.

    “Ah this headband suits our Fei Liu,” Mei Chang Su suddenly said, turned to enter a store. Xiao Jing Rui blinked and Fei Liu was already by Mei Chang Su’s side in front of the display.

    The store owner took down the headband, was afraid of Fei Liu’s cold demeanor, and handed it to Mei Chang Su.

    “Jing Rui, what do you think, does it look good?” Mei Chang Su asked.

    “Very good!” This was not just for show, the sapphire blue color really suited Fei Liu’s white skin.

    “Then we’ll buy it. When we finish our business, when we go back, let Lin Cheng-gege see…Fei Liu, do you miss Ling Cheng- gege?”

    “Why not?”
    “He’s bad! He teases Fei Liu!”

    Mei Chang Su laughed happily, but as he laughed, a grief that no one could sense slowly emerged from his eyes, the hand gently patting Fei Liu’s head slowly stopped, murmured, “Actually, you certainly miss him, not just you, I miss them too, it’s a pity, currently still can’t return…”

    Xiao Jing Rui stood to one side, although could not see his face clearly, but could hear that he was a bit sad, just about to open his mouth to console hi,, Mei Chang Su suddenly smiled and said, “Okay, we had better go quickly, Xie Bi must have been waiting anxiously at the docks for a while now.”

    Three people speed up, passed through half the city, left the city from the North Gate, after 500 meters, finally reached the docks. Xie Bi stood on a large ship, his clothes were eye-catching, but his face looked gloomy.

    “Sorry, sorry,” not waiting for his younger brother to speak, Xiao Jing Rui rushed to apologize, “ We came a bit slow, made you anxious? The ship is ready? Luggage is all moved on? Do you need me to help you?”

    “Waited for so long, I could have gone 40times, why were you so late, only coming now, I was starting to think whether or not something had happened, worried for half a day!” Xie Bi raged.
    “Really sorry, it’s my fault for walking slow, and had to rest from time to time, don’t blame Jing Rui, he was pushing the whole time,” Jiang Zhuo Mei Lang stepped forward, smiling, was as if a cool breeze brushed past, filled the whole sky with warm sunshine.

    Xie Bi immediately glared at his older brother, “Su-xiong’s body is not good, how could you rush him? Look at the sweat in his forehead, his complexion is so pale, must be because you pushed him! Before, didn’t you use to be considerate of other people?”

    Xiao Jing Rui did not know whether to laugh or cry, had a profound feeling, a person cannot be too soft, this was like being bullied, doing anything is still wrong.

    “Let’s just board the ship,” Mei Chang Su sensibly did not participate in the brother’s argument and advanced onto the ship, already there was a sailor to come over and welcome him.

    *some descriptions of the ship I gave up on. The type of ship they are riding is not important okok~*

    Maybe because the ship frequently had wealthy customers, so that all the sailors understood etiquette, and the inside of the ship’s cabin had refreshments which were also exquisite.

    After setting out, the journey was very smooth. Mei Chang Su leaned against the bench, looked through the open window with pleasure at the evening fall scenery, but could not help but sigh with sorrow.

    “Traveling on water is a bit rocky(?), yet is indeed very enjoyable. It’s a pity YuJin is suffering. Most likely is now hurrying on the road.”

    “As long as there is no dangers, suffering a bit, I won’t feel sorry for him,” Xiao Jing Rui said, “but to have Su-xiong’s experts there, it is unlikely to meet with mishaps.”

    Mei Chang Su glanced at him, faintly said, “Haven’t you still been worried the whole time?”

    “Of course not…” Xiao Jing Rui denied, but in the end had still admitted was a bit uncomfortable. “ I originally believed myself…”

    “Originally believed that even if you did not rank in the top ten that you were still an expert?”


    Mei Chang Su shook his head and laughed,” you do not need to be this dejected. Tian Quan Shan Zhang’s martial art’s studies is accepted universally by Jianghu to be first class; you have always been hardworking, how much can you lose compared to them? Actually, speaking of internal power/technique, the four of them are beneath you. Your biggest weakness is lacking in experience.”


    “That’s right. Actual combat experience. Think, apart from the few times besides sword competitions, how many times have you unsheathed your sword? Competition after all cannot replace actual combat. You already defeated Guo Qian Lei sect’s Bo Zhang Men, but if you both dueled with your life, where only one can live, the one who will live if definitely not you. If a person has enough experience, can right away determine the other sides next move, and be prepared, naturally reactions will be faster. On the other hand, a person lacking experience towards an enemy’s every move, will feel very much unexpected; waiting until after they have made their move, of course will not be as fast. Comapring martial arts, experience does not seem too important, but between two people who are more or less equal, the difference in experience will be utterly obvious.”

    Mei Chang Su drank a mouthful of tea then said, “Those four people are borrowed from Yang Wei Biu Ju [bodyguard company], gold ranked experts with many years of experience in jianghu, if you don’t lose then that’s weird.”

    Xiao Jing Rui was dazed for a moment, lowered his head somewhat discouraged.

    Real battle? With his status, his temperament, wanting to fight a real battle with others, how can it be easy?

    Xie Bi never liked martial arts, sitting next to him, tried to console him, “Practicing martial arts is just to strengthen your body, in the future you won’t be counting on this to save your life; Tian Quan Shan Zhuang has Qing Yao da-ge to take over, what do you need to be that strong for?”

    “Xie Bi is right, this is not worth you to be so concerned over.” Mei Chang Su smiled again, “Merely, this boat ride is very steady, the scenery changes very little, can’t help but make people restless. On the way, if there is nothing to do, I’ll spar with you.”

    “Really?” Xiao Jing Rui was overjoyed. Even though he did not know how good Mei Chang Su’s martial arts was, he was after all, JiangZhuo Meng’s leader. Being able to spar with was something he was even able to dream about before. But after thinking for a second, he was nonetheless somewhat worried. His smiled faded as he asked in a low voice, “What about your health? If my martial arts can improve or not is a trivial matter, you must not fall ill.”

    “Sparring does not have to use internal strength there is no harm. Actually, it’s just that the martial arts I have encountered is a lot, I myself cannot practice, merely play with it in my free time, that’s all. When have you heard of me fighting with someone in jianghu before? It’s only that I’ve watched a lot of fights, has gained somewhat of a better understanding, is able to give you a few pointers. But if I really had to fight, I’m afraid that I won’t even be a match for Xie Bi.”

    He just finished speaking, but Fei Liu was gazing coldly at Xie Bi, scaring him such that he trembled.

    “ I was only giving an analogy, not really going to fight Xie Bi,” Mei Chang Su hurriedly pacified his bodyguard. “You don’t need to glare at him. Come, eat a piece of cake.”
    Fei Liu glared a moment more, then slowly moved to sit next to Mei Chang Su.

    “Hu…” Xie Bi let out a breath, with a bitter face, complained, “Please Su-xiong, next time don’t use me as an analogy.”

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    Thank you for the translation so far. Will there be further chapters? If not does anyone know if there is another English translation available somewhere? Thanks for the help.


  10. kuroko129 says:

    Hello! This is such a fantastic translation!! Would it be possible if you can tell me where I can listen to this version of Nirvana in Fire? It’s really different!!!


    • jjunjun says:

      I don’t think there’s anyone reading this particular version. There is however, another version of Nirvana in Fire on 懒人听书 read by 莫言鬼语 and 南音。


      • kuroko129 says:

        I actually found the first few chapters of this version on ximalaya.com! But it hasn’t gotten very far… 😦
        Thank you!!
        Will you continue translating the novel? Please do!


  11. Narina says:

    Will you believe if I said that I finished all your translated chapters in one sitting?! That’s how much I loved it! I’m sure you have some personal difficulties that are making it hard for you post new chapters frequently but I’m willing to wait.Take all the time you need but please finish the translation.Thank you so much for your hard work 🙂

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    Thank you very much for all your hard work in translation the chapters. I too finished reading all the translated chapters in one go. Would really appreciate if you could continue to translate the following chapters. Thank you once again


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    So thank you very much and I’ll be looking forward to every release.


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