What I look like in my fantasy world.

Greetings dear reader! I am jjunjun, a Chinese novel and drama fanatic. Here at junjuntianxia you will be able to find translations, book reviews, and drama reviews. I hope that this site will convince you to fall in love with the wonder of Chinese literature and culture.

I started this site because I realized, once I discovered the online world of novels and dramas, that although translated Japanese light novels, and recaps of Korean dramas are relatively common to find, Chinese novels and dramas are something of a rare find. Here, I hope to provide a place where you will be able to access more Chinese novels without resorting to Google Translated nonsense.

I am of a Chinese background, but having grown up outside of the “mainland” I am unable to fluently read or write Chinese, although I am able to fluently speak it. As such, I have to rely on online translation sites such as Google Translate, as well as various Chinese-English dictionaries. For this reason I am unable to guarantee perfectly accurate translations, especially that of poetry. 

The novel I am currently translating -Nirvana in Fire- is my first ever translation project, so please give me some feedback and encouragement. I am open to all corrections and suggestions. 

One thing I would like you to note is that, while I am perfectly happy to start a discussion on a particular novel or drama, I don’t wish to spoil the plot to any new readers. So, if you wish to know spoilers, please contact me privately.

If you wish to contact me to discuss novels, dramas, or for any other reasons, please feel free to email me at jjunjun_tianxia@qq.com. I look forward to your email! 😀 Or feel free to fill out the form below. Thank you~~~



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