Book Reviews and Recommendations

AR: ancient love 《古言》

SE : sad ending

OE : open for interpretation ending; bittersweet ending


《步步惊心》Startling By Each Step – 桐华 (AR, SE) , 9/10

《后宫传奇之失宠皇后》Legend of the Unfavored Empress-忆妃 (AR, HE) , 6/10

《醉妃》Drunken Consort-风宸雪 (AR, HE) , 6/10

《殇璃 》Shattered Glass- 雪灵之 (AR, SE) , 6.5/10

《兰陵相思赋》Ode to Lan Ling’s Acacia - 紫百合 (AR, HE) , 6/10

《倾世皇妃》The Glamorous Imperial Concubine -暮琬凝 (AR, HE) , 7/10

《白发皇妃》The White-Haired Imperial Concubine-莫言殇  (AR, OE) , 8/10

《异时空情恋清水漪澜》Love of Another Time Like Clear Water, Billowing Ripples – 苍痕鸢陌 (AR, HE) , 6/10

《云狂》Yun Kuang-风行烈 (AR, HE) , 7/10

《帝王业》To be an Emperor-寐语者 (AR, OE) , 10/10

《极品皇妃》Highest – Grade Imperial Concubine-安知晓 (AR, HE) , 6.5/10

《交错时光的爱恋》Love of Interlaced Time-席绢 (AR, HE) , 7/10










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