C-Novel English Translations

海宴《琅琊榜》- Nirvana in Fire

Genre: Period, politics, revenge

Chinese Novel (1st Edition)/Character Introduction

Chapters: 01两姓之子/02江左梅郎/03损友/04路逢旧交/05途中惊变/06借兵

7 Responses to Translations

  1. Anonymous says:

    please next chapter


  2. Anonymous says:

    please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I recently found your blog and read all your translation within a few hours. If you have a chance, please translate more chapters.


  4. rowanmdm says:

    I have recently become addicted to the drama Nirvana in Fire and I would LOVE to be able to read the book to see how they differ. It would be wonderful if you could keep translating this!


  5. RyuGen says:

    Oh wow there is novel damn I will be sure to check this out thanks for picking this up. I finished watching the TV series and it was awesome probably one of the best ancient wuxia drama’s I have ever watched and I have watched many but this one was simply beautiful. I can imagine the book being a whole lot better though I am more interested in finding out more details on what happens at the end as the ending was rushed on the last episode.


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  7. After reading jun jun’s translations, I was inspired to translate Nirvana in Fire too! Please visit my blog for the continuation of Nirvana in Fire chapters, or visit, where chapter 7 is posted there as well. Also looking forward to the continuation of junjun’s translations!


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